Tips to help kids (& adults) swallow vitamins!

Having been with Shaklee for over 23 years, not only did I experience the task of teaching my own kids how to swallow a vitamin (once they’re past using our chewable multi-vitamin, Incredivites), but I’ve helped other people as well!  It’s amazing how many adults have trouble swallowing a pill, as well! This information should help both kids and adults to swallow a pill! If you think about it, a piece of chewed up meat is much bigger going down, than a pill! 😉

When my kids were little, I attempted to switch them to Shaklee’s adult multi-vitamin & mineral supplement, Vita Lea, by the age of about 6 or 7 because even though our Incredivites is amazing, our Vita Lea holds 9 patents, it does have higher levels of nutrients in it and it costs less per day! And I knew it was perfectly fine for them to switch to it once they’re able to swallow it.

So the first thing I did was put the Vita Lea in a spoon of yogurt, all covered up and I instructed my child to simply swallow the spoon of yogurt without chewing it! It worked!! It got to the point, that they would actually cover it up FOR me during the preparation!! LOL And then after a month or so, we practiced swallowing it with a little bit of juice, and my kids happen to catch on to this quite easily, so it was really never a big deal!

Now, fast forward 20 years, we now have an 8 yr old grandson who has been taking our Incredivites since he was about a year and half old (once he had enough teeth to safely chew it). I was there a year ago for a visit over his Spring break and I asked him if he wanted to try and swallow a big boy vitamin (our Vita Lea) instead of his chewable. He LOVED the idea of such a challenge!! He put the vitamin in his mouth (towards the back of his tongue), took a gulp of water and proceeded to attempt to swallow the pill WITH the water. Well….it didn’t work!

It was right then, after watching him, that it occurred to me what he was doing wrong! I said to him “don’t just take a drink and then try to swallow it all, just keep drinking the water, as if you’re very thirsty and the pill will go down on it’s own without you “trying”! He did that, and BINGO….it worked! And not just that time, but also the next day, I simply reminded him to “keep drinking” and it worked again! By the third day, it looked like he was practically just taking a quick sip and it still worked!…..He had totally figured it out and was SO PROUD OF HIMSELF! 🙂 I taught him just in time, as he only had a few Incredivites left, so now my daughter is going to have him continue on the Vita Lea from this point on, taking one a day till he’s about 8 or 9 (when hormones start flying around) and then advance to taking one with breakfast and one with dinner!! Needless to say….it was a very exciting weekend for all of us!!

Keep in mind, most kids would use our Vita Lea with Iron, and girls would continue on that one as an adult, but once boys mature into men, they would switch to the Vita Lea Without Iron. Unless of course, they happen to become anemic for some reason or another, and actually NEED the extra Iron. Women generally need to stay on it because we lose a lot of iron every month during out cycle!!

Any questions on this subject, or any other blog post info, feel free to contact me!!

Here’s a short video of my grandson demonstrating how to swallow a vitamin:



*As explained above, both boys and girls would use the one WITH Iron, and boys would switch to the WITHOUT Iron version when they’ve matured into men (at about the age 17 or 18).


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