Are you sure YOUR probiotic is arriving in your gut ALIVE?

Are you sure YOUR probiotic is arriving in your gut ALIVE?

When Shaklee was formulating their probiotic, they put 500 million of these live organisms into their tablet, but unlike most other companies, simply knowing they put them in there wasn’t enough. Shaklee went through the time and expense of simulating the pill being swallowed, and remeasured to see how much of LIVE organisms survived the journey and they discovered that 85-90% of them were dead once they arrived in the lower gut where they are needed.  For THEM this wasn’t acceptable!

After a few more changes and failures to deliver them ALIVE, they went to the stores, grabbed several other brands of probiotics and put them thru the same testing.  Some of them were already dead in the bottle (not even surviving their shelf life), and those that were still alive, were then put through the same simulation and every single one of them also arrived in the gut anywhere from 85-95% dead.

After extensive studies, trials and errors, they finally figured out a way to guarantee all 500 million microflora show up in the lower intestine alive and well!  They created Optiflora, and the probiotic in the system is a triple encapsulated pearl that slowly releases its layers en route, losing it’s last layer as it enters the lower gut allowing all 500 million microflora to be released ALIVE and available to the body!  This is a patented product, the only one of its kind in the world.




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