I discovered 23 years ago, after suffering with hay fever about 8-9 months of the year, that by taking Shaklee’s Alfalfa everyday, I had absolutely no hay fever symptoms whatsoever!

It took about a week to kick in….but I no longer suffered with a runny nose, sneezing, itchy throat, itchy eyes and sleepless nights!  All that is gone….and I’ve been SO HAPPY!!!  I happen to take it year-round just because I know how beneficial it is in general.  Those trace minerals it contains do wonders for sinus issues, in general; some people take higher amounts to help with arthritis (it’s a natural anti-inflammatory); and it is wonderful for digestive issues.  And yes, kids can take it too, they just wouldn’t need a full dose, like an adult!

Are you tired of spending a fortune on over-the-counter medicines? Does this sound like a product that could help you?

To buy Shaklee’s Alfalfa….. click HERE!!


Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog post are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.


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