Some rehydration drinks are not the best choice for kids!

A few years ago, a friend shared how her two kids were in a summer day camp and came home one day extremely dehydrated, to the point they needed to be brought to an ER. When the doctor asked what the kids had been doing and drinking, she told him of their activities, and that they had been drinking water and one of those common rehydration/electrolyte drinks found in stores.

The doctor mentioned that many of those rehydration/electrolyte drinks have way too much salt in them and are formulated in a way that can actually be harmful to kids, especially when drank on a regular basis. The mother mentioned how she had just recently been introduced to a company called Shaklee, was already using a few of their vitamins and was wondering if their rehydration drink called Performance*, would be okay. The doctor said “Yes!”. He had researched this product for other families and found it to be a much better alternative.  She immediately started sending each of her kids to camp every day with their own large thermos of prepared Performance, and they did fine for the rest of the summer!

Shaklee’s Performance was one of the first Shaklee products that my grandson actually ASKED FOR when he was about a year and half old. My daughter had a container of it in her pantry, and one day when my grandson, Trevan, woke up from his daily nap, he said to her as they walked into the kitchen “Juice”! (Mind you, my daughter has always been great about giving him water about 95% of the time, along with milk every day and only an occasional small glass of actual juice, cut with water….otherwise it has way to much sugar for such a little body!) Trevan had only had Performance a few times but he obviously knew where she kept the container. Because, when he said “Juice” that day, she proceeded to the refrigerator to get out some apple juice, but when she turned around, he had walked past her, into the pantry and was standing in front of the Performance package pointing to it, saying “Juice”!  She, of course, obliged!

*Now called Performance Hydrate Endurance Electrolyte Drink

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Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog post are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.

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