Soda CAN cause weight gain!!

An interesting story about how Soda CAN cause weight gain!  I have a cousin who lives in Germany. Before we moved here in 1992, she was about 11 years old and was already quite overweight. A few years after moving to the Springs, it was arranged for her to fly out and visit us. Let me tell you….I wouldn’t in a million years have recognized her!

She was now about 15, and had the figure of a model!! I kid you not!! I was in shock. We got on the subject about her weight loss after getting home and she told me that about a year after I moved back to the states, she was talking to a friend and commented how unhappy she was with her weight. The friend shared the fact that soda in itself can be a major contributor to weight gain. My cousin realized that although she wasn’t big on sweets and/or unhealthy snacks and ate fairly good most of the time, she had been guzzling an entire quart of soda every day, throughout the day, for years already! I still can’t believe my Aunt didn’t understand the effects that could have on a child?! (Or on an adult, for that matter!) Without even mentioning it to her parents she made the decision to cut out the soda COMPLETELY, and replaced it with water, (probably seltzer water, which is much more popular in Europe than regular water!), and cut back a little on the few sweets she was eating. She said the weight just melted off of her within the next year, and she has been able to maintain her new figure all these years by staying off the soda and paying attention to how many sweets she eats! It was incredible! What makes me the happiest, is that the decision she made ON HER OWN back at the age of 12 has probably prevented her from getting so many of the adult diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. I am SO PROUD OF HER!!


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