Side-effects from medications is a vicious cycle!

We’ve all seen the advertisements……”take this medication for Restless Leg Syndrome” (just as an example), yet they list as many as a dozen side-effects that you might also experience while using it!  This can turn into a vicious cycle…leading to more NEW symptoms and then more prescribed medications.

Years ago, my mother visited her mother in Germany. She noticed within a day of being there that my grandmother was listless, always in a daze, and not participating at all in conversation with the relatives who had gathered. She was not the same woman she visited 6 months earlier. Upon inspection, my mother discovered that my grandmother was on about 8 or 9 various medications (most of them not for anything really serious). Long story short….my mother insisted that her doctor get her off anything that would not cause immediate and severe illness.  Her mother ended up only staying on two necessary ones. Within 2 DAYS of being off the other 6-7 medications, she was back to her usual self…. laughing, smiling, participating in conversation and truly enjoying life. It was amazing! Her change in behavior must have been so gradual, as medications were added, that her other daughter, who lives there and cares for her, hadn’t even noticed. My mother vowed at that time to never allow herself to be put in the same situation….. and she hasn’t! I’m so proud of her! She always tries to find natural remedies for symptoms that may come up (particular foods, herbs, etc., to include incorporating new Shaklee supplements that might possibly help.)

We’ve found that getting on a few of Shaklee’s basic supplements almost always offers unexpected side-BENEFITS, which is always a better deal than having side-EFFECTS from medications!

If you’re interested in learning about what makes this company’s products so unique, here’s a short 2 min video clip!

For the video, click here:  The Shaklee Difference


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