Overly emotional, sad or angry teens!

Years ago a friend called me one day and asked if I had seen her daughter (she was about 13 at the time). I said no, and she shared that her daughter had run away from home a few hours ago.

Thank goodness they found her a few miles from home that evening. When my friend called me back to let me know the good news, she started telling me how unhappy her daughter had been lately, and started describing many of the same symptoms (impatience, being overly-emotional, angry, etc.) that we had seen in our daughter, while she was off her Shaklee vitamins.  I asked her if she still had that large bottle of multi-vitamins, Vita Lea, that she got from me a few months ago.  She admitted the bottle was still almost full because they just couldn’t get into the habit of taking them every day. I told her our story and the difference these vitamins had made for our daughter, and she made the decision to start her daughter back on them immediately, one with breakfast and one with dinner EVERY DAY!  She called me back about a week later and was almost in tears. Her daughter was happy again, not moody, and was finally treating her siblings with patience. She was like a completely different child!!  A few weeks later, they too, put the vitamins to the test, by purposely “forgetting” them for a week and they watched as their daughter became moody and unhappy once again! (I think they decided to put it to the test, just to make sure it all wasn’t a “fluke” the first time around). I don’t blame them….until you see it for yourself, it’s hard to imagine that it would make such a difference!  This quality line of vitamins seems to really help balance out children’s & teen’s hormones!  Needless to say, they were thrilled with the results!

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Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog post are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.


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