Our society is over-fed, yet we’re under-nourished!

We live in a society that is over-fed yet under-nourished….literally. We have grocery stores filled with food, fast-food restaurants everywhere we look! So with all this food available to us, how is it that the majority of our society is literally under-nourished?! When you see people under-nourished due to starvation in other countries, it’s a very obvious condition and problem. But here in the U.S., it’s a hidden problem. Sure many people are overweight and/or obese, so there’s evidence of the over-fed issue, but even those people who are considered a good weight, are also likely under-nourished. They just have fast metabolisms that help hide any kind of real problem going on in their bodies.

Our bodies NEED vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids for survival! Period!!! Most people don’t get nearly enough of these things in their daily diet and because of how miraculous (and forgiving) the human body is, these discrepancies are normally not evident until its too late. I mean think about it, you cut yourself and it heals, well in that same sense you cause invisible injury to your body when you don’t give it what it really needs for survival and it “makes due”….but overtime….enough is enough even for its miraculous healing properties. Its a fact that the older you get the harder it is to absorb nutrients from your food. When you’re younger, your body is much more able to handle the abuse you put it through, because it’s still able to absorb a descent amount of nutrients to at least “sustain” all its functions. But then over time, as you age, health issues become more apparent. You hear all the time, “Growing old sucks…..you turn 50 and your body just starts falling apart!” Do you really think this happens overnight? Well it doesn’t! It’s an ongoing issue that just becomes more and more apparent over the years, until your body just isn’t nourished (therefore strong enough) to fight the fight, regardless of the disease processes starting. If only young people didn’t feel so “bullet-proof” and would make smarter choices during all those years, they would then be in much better shape when they hit 50, 60 and even 70.

And, of course, it doesn’t help that even those of us who DO try to eat right, who shop primarily on the outer edge of your grocery stores (where all the LIVE foods are), have no guarantee how nutrient dense our fruits and veggies actually are! That fact surprised the heck out of me when I learned about it a few years ago. Many fruits and veggies are not only contaminated with pesticides and growth hormones (I guess bigger is considered better…. :-(, but most of this produce is actually picked too early (i.e. tomatoes, while they’re still green), then they’re loaded into trucks specially designed to emit a special kind of gas that “ripens” them (or just “turns them red) while enroute to the parts of the country where they are to be sold. So that once they hit the grocery stores they are big, beautiful and red, looking nutritious, but actually aren’t! You see by picking them while they are still green, they’ve missed that last part of the growing cycle which means they never got the rest of the nutrients they were meant to get during the ripening process. This is why when you taste a tomato grown in someone’s own yard, which are normally left on their vine UNTIL THEY TURN RED NATURALLY, the flavor is amazingly different and these tomatoes are actually rich in nutrients, because they hung there long enough to absorb everything they were meant to absorb before being picked! I enjoyed a few tomatoes last year grown by my neighbor (literally from large pots on her deck), and I couldn’t believe the difference in taste! I remember thinking, “Oh yeah…this is what a tomato is suppose to taste like!” Someone older than me reminded me that years ago, if you dropped a tomato, it would actually “splat”! Now they just hit the floor with a “thug” and bounce a little! There’s something wrong with that picture!!!

In regards to how malnourished our society is today, I heard a very disturbing fact from a few different sources lately regarding our children. Here it is: “This may be the first generation that does NOT outlive their parents.” I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty scary. And the facts are everywhere! Here’s a great 2 min video showing actual stats of the health of Americans…..if we keep going like we are, our children won’t have a chance.   Why Supplement.php

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