Insomnia! Ever have trouble turning off your brain at night?

Insomnia….We’ve all experienced this at one time or another (some people more often than others, sadly), your body is exhausted, you’re ready for bed, but you just lay there thinking about stuff, worried about things and put simply, you just can’t turn off your brain for the night! It’s a horrible feeling, to have your brain racing, especially when 3 hours go by and your still tossing and turning and just not able to fall asleep.

I’m one of those fortunate people to whom this rarely happens. But even I experience it occasionally, usually after an exciting business or personal event which has occupied my time that evening. But there is something you can try, which has worked wonders for our family!!

Let me take a moment to say, that this, such as all the other knowledge I’ve gained since using these products and working with this company was a slow and steady process over the past 19 years! It included a little research here and there, and a lot of trial and error. Not everything works the same for everyone, because we all have different bodies!! But like I’ve said before, if it doesn’t work for you….just get your money back!!

So, what do I consider the secret to turning off your brain at night? The answer might surprise you…. Shaklee’s B-Complex. Granted it’s well-known for turning your food into energy and helping with stress, but it also works great at de-stressing/calming down your brain. When Shaklee’s B-Complex is taken with a meal, some of the B vitamins are designed to turn your food into energy, but you can also take it on a whim (even on an empty stomach), if you’re in the middle of anxiety, stress, or on the edge of tears (or even after an emotional breakdown). These are just some of the things that deplete the B’s in your body, and it’s imperative that you get them back in there, so your emotions don’t become even worse! Depending on how upset or stressed you’re feeling, you might even need to take 2 B-Complex.

So, when you’re headed to bed and you can just feel yourself still “worked up” mentally, or you’ve laid there for a while and can tell you’re just not going to fall asleep anytime soon because your brain is “racing”, get out of bed, and take 1-2 B-Complex (depending on how stressed you are and what you figure out works best for YOU), and 2 of Shaklee’s calcium (Osteomatrix). Give it about 15-30 minutes to kick in and you should be able to fall asleep. Now mind you, if you happen to JUST eat dinner shortly before bed and you take the B-Complex, then there’s a good chance it will also work on turning your food into energy, so I wouldn’t advise it. 😉 This regimen is based on assuming that you had dinner 2-4 hours beforehand, so the B-Complex is only there to work on your emotional state! B-Complex is a very interesting supplement and one thing that makes ours unique is that it’s patented with a coating of Folic Acid, so your body absorbs it much easier. Here’s a great B-Complex Fact Sheet.doc for you to look over, if you’ve been wondering whether or not you you need extra B vitamins in your day!

I’ve suggested this bedtime regimen (either the B-complex or the Stress Relief Complex (or 1 of each) along with extra calcium) to many people over the years and have had great results! Will it work for you?  You won’t know till you try! 🙂

Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog post are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.

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