Grumpy kids & stressed parents-not a good combo!

Is your child generally unhappy, possibly crying for no reason or at the “drop of a dime”. Is he or she impatient and moody? Do you and/or your spouse come home stressed and “at your wit’s end”, causing YOU to be impatient, tired and just downright grumpy?! Can you see how this combination of emotions is just not a recipe for a “happy family”?!

My children were about 7 and 3 (daughter being the oldest) when I started with Shaklee and so they each began a daily basic vitamin regimen at that time. For about the next 5 years, we didn’t realize that their mild demeanor, generally happy mood and patience with each other was actually very good and unusual compared to most other children. It wasn’t till they were about 8 and 12 years old, that a new family situation would prove to really demonstrate just how beneficial Shaklee’s vitamins were to our family.

It was the start of summer break from school and I was still working part-time at the Peterson AFB Aero Club but my husband was working from home and he was able to stay home with the kids during that summer while I worked. I came home one day, about 2 weeks after summer break had started, and my husband said “What’s wrong with Leah, she is just not herself lately! She’s overly-emotional, not happy with anything, and she has absolutely no patience for Justin! I have never seen her this way??!” I had no idea what to tell him…he was right…that didn’t sound like her AT ALL! Later that evening, I happen to ask him if he had been remembering to give both kids their vitamins with breakfast?  He said “No, that’s your thing”. It occurred to me that perhaps THIS is what was causing Leah to act so different. My husband thought I was crazy…that there was no way Shaklee’s vitamins could have THAT kind of effect. But he agreed to put it to the test.

Without saying anything to the kids, he made sure to give them their vitamins every morning for the next 2 weeks.  Well, within a week of being back on the vitamins, our daughter was totally back to her normal happy, patient self! My husband continued the vitamins for another week and then stopped (deciding to really test it to see what would happen). Within about a week of her being off of them, Leah was back to being grumpy and impatient! We couldn’t believe it!!

What I’ve learned since then is that when kids reach the age of about 10 or 11, they start going through lots of hormonal changes and that can very well affect their mood. The difference was present with our son (even at 8), but it just wasn’t as pronounced as with our daughter. Most children just don’t eat as healthy as they should, and even when we parents give it our best shot, our food supply is so depleted of nutrients compared to a 100 years ago, that our poor children and we, adults, are simply not getting the nutrients we need every day. This is the main reason why quality supplementation can make a huge difference in your health and on your path to disease prevention. And keep in mind….parents, after a stressful day, also get depleted, causing YOU to be emotional and impatient, so parents need to supplement as well!  Here’s a great short video. And below is a video about the children’s nutritional products!



Well, that’s our story! Hope it’s helpful to you or someone you know!!


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