Green cleaners that WORK & Save you A LOT of Money!!

Many of us have stayed away from “Green” cleaning products because they’re expensive, and many of them are just not effective! If you’re one of those people, I know exactly how you feel, I felt that way too….but what I found in Shaklee’s green cleaners, completely changed our family’s life!!  Not only do they WORK, they SAVE US A LOT OF MONEY!!

Every year we celebrate Earth Day on April 21st! But I feel like EVERY day should be Earth Day. Most of us already recycle, try not to litter, but you can also make a dramatic difference on a daily basis by choosing to use quality, inexpensive, non-toxic, green cleaners!

Basic H2 – Shaklee Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate (been around for over 50 years!) One 16 oz bottle of concentrate costs $12.15 (plus the shipping & tax).  And we have a “pre-printed with instructions” 3-Pk bottle set which runs about $8.00.  And here’s just THREE of the many ways you can use this concentrated cleaner!!

1) Degreaser: Add 1 1/2 teaspoons of the Basic H2 concentrate to this bottle of water.  (You now have an amazing degreaser for about 17 cents!

2) All-Purpose Cleaner: Add 1/4 teaspoon of the Basic H2 concentrate to this bottle of water. (You now have a wonderful all-purp cleaner for 3 cents!!!

3) Glass/Mirrow Cleaner: Add 1-2 DROPS of the Basic H2 concentrate to this bottle of water. (Which comes to less than one penny per bottle!)

So…..are you looking for a way to save money AND help the environment? Is your main concern to get toxins out of your home?  If so, Shaklee’s Get Clean products are a great choice!!! Think of the impact you’ll be making on our landfills at the same time!! Here’s a short video with more info on this amazing line of products! Get Clean Video

Let’s celebrate Earth Day…..EVERY day!

To buy Shaklee’s Basic H2…..click HERE!

To buy Shaklee’s Get Clean Starter Kit…..click HERE!


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