Gratitude & The “Thank You” Game!

This post is dedicated to my grandson, Trevan, who turned 8 in June of 2017, as it was he that inspired me to create this gratitude game, called “The Thank You Game”.  My husband and I, by nature, have always been optimistic people, and we feel like we passed this way of life on to our two wonderful children. It has always lead to many good things in our life and for that we are truly blessed and grateful. But in the past few years I have learned more about how to nurture this feeling and one of many things that I have found to be absolutely imperative for bringing more good into your life is to be consciously grateful for things which you already have.

A few years ago, Trevan (then 3) and I were traveling in the car from NM to CO. It was about an hour into our drive that the idea of this game came to me and I said, “Hey Trevan….do you want to play a new game?” He said “Sure, Omi”. I said, “It’s called “The Thank You Game” and what we’re going to do is take turns saying thank you for all kinds of things that we have, that we like.” He seemed curious and more than anxious to learn this new game. So I started, and my first gratitude statement was “Thank you for….my bed, because it’s cozy, warm and it helps me sleep really good at night!” I honestly don’t remember what his very first one was, but just a few turns later, I happen to say “Thank you for my tongue…..so that I can lick yummy ice cream cones!” He giggled at that one and after just a minute or so, he came back with “Thank you for….my feet so that I can run fast and play”. “Man”, I thought to myself, “He’s really catching on fast!”. A little later I came up with “Thank you for…. farmers for giving us food”. At which point he said “What’s a farmer?” After a detailed answer from me explaining how farmers grow food, and sell it to stores, so that we can go to stores and buy the food, he was satisfied. I also took it a step further and thanked farmers for taking good care of cows so that they can give us milk, and for taking care of chickens so they can give us eggs.

Within a few moments of discussing all of this, we happen to pass some cows on the side of the road, so I quickly pointed them out to him and I yelled really loud (as if they might actually hear me…LOL)… “Thank you cows, for my milk!” He immediately yelled thank you to them also for giving him milk. Later we happen to pass some cows again and on his own, this time, he immediately yelled out a sincere “Thank You” to them for giving him milk! It was soooo cute!!

I now often call him when I know he’s about to be tucked into bed at night, and we play the thank you game over the phone, each doing 10 thank you’s!

If you’d like to learn more details on how to incorporate gratitude in your everyday life, you should check out one of my favorite books called “The Magic”, by Rhonda Byrne! It’s wonderful!

I’d like to end this post by saying, “Thank YOU, for taking the time to read my post(s)!” It means a lot to me, as I always put so much of myself into each one that I write!

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