Feeling stiff….and hoping to prevent joint issues as you age?

One of my grandmothers (who I take after more than anyone else in the family), had bad knees and eventually ended up having knee surgery in her 70’s. Being so much like her in so many ways, and understanding the importance of “preventing” something before it becomes an issue, I decided to get back on (I took it years ago due to arthritis in my hip…click here for that post) at least one of Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex (which I take at bedtime) to keep the cartilage in all my joints lubricated and fed, in hopes to avoid any serious loss of cartilage, as I age. And remember, I had no pain in any of my joints, so I didn’t expect to feel anything different…..but funny thing was …. I actually did!

You know when you sit in a car for many hours headed some place special and you stop for gas, etc. When you first step out of the car, you feel very stiff and it sometimes takes a few steps before your legs and hips want to operate….you moan and groan and kind of need to “wake up your lower half”! Well, this was also very typical for me. And I was reminded of it quite frequently because our daughter had married and moved to New Mexico, and by this time we were blessed to have a 1 year old grandson, so we made the 7 1/2 hour trips to see them pretty often. 😉 Well…..after being back on just one Joint Health Complex a day for about 2 months, it was time to go visit our daughter again and when we stopped at the halfway point for gas, I got out of the car and had hardly any stiffness at all. I’d say it was 75-80% better than what I normally experience. I didn’t even realize it at first (because I wasn’t looking for it). It wasn’t till I looked behind me and saw my husband doing the standard stiff walk and stretch motions that I realized I wasn’t feeling very stiff at all! I was shocked but didn’t connect it to being back on the Joint Health Complex until later that evening. And although I’ll never know for sure, all I can tell you is, it was the only thing I changed in my vitamin regimen and I’m sure I didn’t get any younger in those past few months! 😉

So my plan is to stay on my “one at bedtime” regimen, and if I ever feel even the slightest bit of joint pain or too much stiffness first thing in the morning, etc., I’ll consider that my body’s way of saying, “Alright….start giving me two of those wonderful pills a day instead of just one!” And believe me…I’ll be listening to it and doing exactly what it wants me to do!!  Even if that means taking 3-4 a day when I’m much older!! 😉

If you’d like more information on this amazing product…here’s a 2 min video clip!!


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