Feeling sleepy all day and awake all night?

Does this sound and look like you or someone you know?  Do you feel sleepy and lack energy during the day, and once you go to bed you can’t seem to sleep, or you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall BACK asleep?  Or you just can’t turn your brain off or you simply can’t relax enough to fall asleep?

Here’s a GREAT answer to your problem!!! It’s sooooo simple….and you’re going to LOVE how you feel:

For more energy during the day:

Shaklee’s Life Plan is a WONDERFUL WAY to experience your day!!  You’ll be AMAZED…I promise!  The Life Shake is filling, loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals!  And the Life Strip is INCREDIBLE!!   The two products together, The Life Plan, has 35 patents/patents pending on it, and Shaklee is legally allowed to say that it is “The best and most comprehensive nutritional  system in the world”!!   Here’s a video with more information!

And if you find yourself feeling like you can’t turn off your brain at night:

Take 1 of Shaklee’s B-Complex (AND/OR many people swear by their Stress Relief Complex) along with two of their Calcium to relax your muscles, which will give you a deeper sleep!!!

Or for extreme sleep issues…..our Gentle Sleep Complex (usually 2-3) works great as well, and will NOT have you feeling groggy the next morning!! (Like with traditional sleep aids).  Plus if you take it for a few days, it’ll actually work better with each day, without becoming addictive!  Truly an amazing all-natural sleep aid!

With Shaklee’s 100% Money Back Guarantee….there’s never a risk in trying something! You either LOVE it or you get your money back!!!! But I just know….you’re GONNA LOVE HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!!!!!
Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog post are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.

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