FAQs: What Shaklee Products Can Do.
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Q: At what age can a child start taking the Shaklee chewable multi-vitamin?

A: I’ve found that once a child has enough teeth to chew a pill safely, they can start on our chewable multi-vitamin. Up until the age of 3, one a day should be plenty, unless they are not getting enough nutrients from food on a daily basis due to being a picky eater, in which case they can take 2 a day (one with breakfast and one with dinner). Once they turn 3 years old, ideally all kids can take 2 a day.

Q: At what age can a child take the adult multi-vitamin, Vita Lea w/Iron?

A: Pretty much once a child can swallow it, they can take it. If they are under 10 years old, all they would really need is one a day, unless they are a really picky eater and have a horrible diet, than they could really benefit from taking one with breakfast and one with dinner.

Q: Will Shaklee’s vitamins help my child’s demeanor?

A: In almost every case, I have seen it make a huge difference. Whether your child is 2 years old and emotional more often than what seems normal or whether they are a teen and grumpy all the time, I’ve seen our vitamins make a huge difference in their emotional state!

Q: Is Shaklee’s multivitamin, Vita Lea, sufficient for my teenager or should they take something else with it?

A:  With all the stress pre-teens and teens have due to hormonal changes and school, I have found parents get much better results using 2 multivitamins a day along with 1-2 of our B-Complex, depending on HOW much stress and emotional symptoms they are showing.  Ideally, people see the best results when their teen takes one multi and one B-Complex with breakfast and again with dinner.

Q: Do teenage girls and boys take the same multi-vitamin or is it dependent on gender?

A:  The majority of boys and girls need the iron found in Shaklee’s Vita Lea with Iron product through their teen years.  Once boys have physically matured into young men (usually at about the age of 18), they should switch to our Vita Lea without Iron.  The girls would stay on the Vita Lea with Iron, since they’ll continue losing a lot of iron every month during their cycle.

Q: What product do you recommend if a child is a picky eater and isn’t getting sufficient protein throughout the day?

A:  We have two products to help with that.  One is called Meal Shake and the other Vitalizing Protein, both are available in Chocolate and Vanilla.  The Meal Shake seems to be more palatable for younger kids and the Vitalizing Protein, also used as a meal because it contains a lot of fiber, is a great option and can be blended with fruits, etc. to create a yummy smoothee!  When blended with frozen fruit, they literally taste like a milk shake!!

Q: My child is experiencing growing pains and therefore not sleeping through the night? What can you recommend?

A:  This may not be the answer for everyone, but what I’ve found to be most helpful, with my own children growing up and other children, is calcium.  Shaklee has a wonderful chewable calcium and even their regular calcium tablets and very small and easy to swallow.  Calcium is crucial to help children through the growing process, because it is a natural muscle relaxer!

Q: Does sugar and/or soda REALLY have an effect on children’s demeanor?

A:  Absolutely!  Both sugar and caffeine, whether they’re getting them from sugary snacks and/or soda, depletes a person’s B vitamins in their body.  When they are depleted of B vitamins, the symptoms are:  getting easily irritated, being grumpy, emotional instability, crying a lot, impatience and fits of anger, to name just a few!  So keeping these foods to a minimum will produce even better results while on our vitamins!  On top of keeping them healthier, in general!

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