Drinking red wine helps you live longer??

That’s because it’s main ingredient Resveratrol, HAS been shown to slow down aging!!

You may have heard of the benefits of Resveratrol. It’s an ingredient found in red wine which when extracted and formulated correctly, has been proven to not only extend life, but if you choose Shaklee’s Vivix, as your source for resveratrol, this particular product has been proven to positively impact the four key mechanisms of aging at the cellular level: 1) Cell Defense, 2) Cell Energy, 3) Cell Repair, and 4) Cell Performance.  After a lot of research, Shaklee figured out that when resveratrol is combined with the powerful antioxidant properties found in the muscadine grape, they were able to produce Vivix, which has been proven to be 13X more effective than resveratrol alone, in slowing a key mechanism of cellular aging. One serving of Vivix has the equivalent resveratrol benefits found in 130 glasses of red wine!!  Vivix is patented and exclusive to Shaklee!

Click here for short 1 minute video:  VIVIX Video

To purchase Vivix …..CLICK HERE!



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