Do YOU or someone you know have achy joints?  I knew how much I, personally, love Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex, because it got rid of the arthritis in my hip, but it is SO MUCH more rewarding to watch it help other people! A couple years ago, I met a gentleman, an HVAC guy, with extreme knee pain, due to the strain on his knees because of his job, and his son, who had back pain, decided to give our Joint Health Complex a try!

He bought one bottle and I assumed he would just take the minimum dose mentioned on the label. A few days later it occurred to me that his pain was so extensive (to the point he had to wear a knee brace on one of the knees every night the minute he got home from work), I wished I had mentioned to him that he might want to start on 3-4 a day just in the beginning…..get results and then back down to whatever dose maintains his pain relief. But I never had a chance to make that phone call.

When I saw him a week later, he happily shared that he got pain relief in just 3 days! On the 4th day, he was home for hours when his wife asked him why he wasn’t wearing his knee brace and he responded, “Oh, I guess I wasn’t in enough pain to need it!” He was thrilled and is looking forward to not only pain relief but to the healing of his joints. When you have issues like this, you want something more than just a pain reliever, which simply masks the pain, you want Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex which, over time, is designed to heal and repair!

Shortly after he got such great results, his son started on the product for pain in his back and is loving it, as well!! Thank you Shaklee for giving us such an amazing product to share with people!!

Here’s a great 2 min video with more info on this amazing product! Enjoy!  Are you willing to give it 5 days to see if YOUR  pain is dramatically reduced??  What would your day be like without that pain?  With Shaklee’s 100% money back guarantee, there’s never a risk in giving it a try! Here’s a link to the product – Joint Healthy Complex.  Any questions, please feel free to contact me!!

Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog site are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.

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