Calcium & outdoor play….important for strong bones!

Did you know that the crucial years for people to have a sufficient calcium intake to increase their bone density is from the age of about 9 to 13?! How strong and dense you get your bones during these early years has a huge impact on how dense they will still be when you get into your 60’s and 70’s! But yet so many people, don’t even start worrying about that until they’re in their 40’s. Not that it’s ever too late to start, but why not already be in much better shape when you start taking additional measures to keep/or get your bones stronger.

And then for so many kids, it’s like a double whammy! Not only do many of our children not get enough calcium during those years, but their dietary habits actually cause them to lose calcium during those crucial years. Things like soda (which so many children start at such a young age nowadays) play havoc in their little bodies, to include bone loss, but our informed society just doesn’t realize it. And then it gets even worse as they get into their teens, where even more parents find it completely acceptable to make soda a regular staple food in their household! I hope parents out there will research this for themselves and start trying to make smarter decisions for their children! That’s our job, right…to CARE for our children…not cause them harm! Not getting enough physical exercise everyday is also a huge problem! You don’t see near the amount of children on a playground or running around outside for hours and hours a day, as you did years ago, which is another big reason for the increase in child obesity! Believe it or not, all of these things affect the quality of a child’s life and can reduce their lifespan!  If you’re interested in seeing which calcium my kids were raised taking, click here!  If your child cannot yet swallow a pill, there is a chewable version available also…..just click here!

Well….I hope you enjoyed my blog….mind you…I’m not an expert on the subject…by a long run….I just hope I’ve given you a few things to think about!



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