Beware….soda CAN be addicting!!

So…..I don’t drink soda at all, other than perhaps a couple sips of my husband’s soda while we’re enjoying popcorn at the theater, but many years ago, I’ll never forget something that happened to me. There was a business luncheon scheduled for a couple days in a row, and strangely enough, I drank the soda that came with the meal (it was a caffeinated one like Coke or Pepsi) on the first day, and then AGAIN on the 2nd day. Up till then I don’t think I had ever had a soda 2 days in a row. The odd thing was, on the 3rd day….I found myself CRAVING a soda! I mean….truly craving it!! I couldn’t believe it….it took just 2 days and I was becoming addicted. I understood that immediately and because I’ve refused to ever be addicted to anything….LOL….I purposely didn’t have a soda that 3rd day.

They’ve learned recently that people who drink soda everyday (especially caffeinated ones), do actually have an addiction to it, no different than cigarettes, etc. Same with coffee. That’s why if you are one of those people, and you decide to stop drinking the soda or the coffee, so regularly, it’s better to wean yourself off slowly, because, it’s very common to experience detox symptoms (such as headaches) if you stop “cold-turkey”.

So….knowing this….give your kids the best gift ever….the chance to NOT get addicted to soda (at least not while they are kids and under your control), by NOT incorporating it into their diet.   You’ll be doing them a world of good when it comes to their health and….YOUR sanity, as they will be much better behaved not having that added sugar everyday!!  It’s amazing how many parents I meet with, who are genuinely surprised to find out that young children really shouldn’t be drinking soda!  It’s also a main culprit for weight gain….but we’ll leave THAT subject for my next blog post!!

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