Acne & skin issues need to be helped from within!

Many people think the only way to treat acne & skin issues is on the surface of the skin, but in many cases, if you want long-term results, you have to treat it from the inside out! I discovered that years ago when I tried Shaklee’s Vitamin E Complex to balance out my hormones in the hopes of clearing up my “under-the-skin” acne issue on my neck (small boils that seemed to never come to a head and were just very tender and ugly).  Shaklee’ Vitamin E Complex worked very well for me!  Keep in mind, though, I was already taking their Vita Lea (multi-vitamin), which I believe is a crucial staple for any supplement program to work better.  (A football TEAM is needed to win, no matter how good your quarterback might be!)

Unbalanced hormones can happen for many reasons, for me it was probably due to being on a birth control pill for so many years. The most common time for unbalanced hormones is during the teen years, which is to be expected, with so many changes happening in their bodies. And what you need to remember is that acne is also very often simply the body’s way of detoxing. Your skin is literally the largest organ of your body and very often used as a detox outlet! So imagine a teenager going through all the expected hormonal changes and couple that with their ability to finally have more control over what they choose to eat during the day while at school, etc. Most don’t make ideal choices, to say the least. 😉

Years ago my son, who never had any acne issues whatsoever, decided sometime during his high school years to miss his vitamins more often than not, and he was the typical teenager choosing to eat junk food or fast food on more occasions than I would have liked. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he started getting acne across his forehead, pretty severe if I remember correctly. We concluded that he hadn’t been sticking with his vitamin regimen lately and I explained how they had probably been helping to keep him acne-free up till now. Not enjoying this new-found look of his….LOL….he decided to get back on his vitamins and within about 45 days his acne was gone!

Shortly after this, I recommended our basic multi-vitamin, Vita Lea, to a friend’s teenage daughter who had been suffering from a severe acne problem for a few years. She was willing to try anything to clear up her face. Within the first month, she experienced slightly worse acne, which I explained was probably her body detoxing the junk she’d been putting into it for so long. And in her second month, her skin started to clear up. By the 3rd month her skin was absolutely beautiful. If she had still had a problem after 2 months, I would have recommended she add Shaklee’s Vitamin E (at least for awhile), just to help balance things out a little faster. But in her case, it wasn’t necessary!

For an adult, who is still plagued with acne, I would have them start on the Vita Lea (men would use w/o Iron, women and all teens, with Iron), then after a month, add the Vitamin E Complex along with our Energizing Soy Protein (comes in Chocolate and Vanilla. Our soy protein is excellent for any sort of healing, and is especially important for skin, regardless of the problem!  If you want the benefit of protein in the form of a meal, then you should consider our Life Energizing Shake.  It is loaded with Fiber to help fill you up, and a lot of vitamins, to include 1 billion probiotics per serving over 1000 mg of Omegas.  And yes, even young children can drink it, but probably 1/2 a serving, or even less, would be sufficient, depending on their age.

Although topical solutions seem to work well for some people, I still feel like it’s more important to figure out what is causing the acne. Only treating it with creams, etc., doesn’t address the health issues that could be happening within your body.

Something I learned years ago….your skin, although the largest organ in your body, is also the LAST IN LINE for nutrients. So when you eat, take supplements, etc., your other organs, such as your liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc. are first in line to grab what nutrients they need for survival, so if there’s a lack nutrients (due to our food being so deficient nowadays, or you not using quality supplementation), the skin sometimes doesn’t even get leftovers. So any kind of skin issues that a person has are usually a classic sign of having so few nutrients available internally, that there’s not enough leftover to keep your skin healthy.

So look at skin issues as your body’s plea for more quality nutrition! It’s perfectly happy with “leftovers” (unlike most husbands)…just make sure you have some available! 😉

Editor’s Note: The contents of this blog post are an expression of my own personal opinion and experiences, including any mention of Shaklee’s products, and none of the contents and/or claims herein are endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.

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