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Selling Shaklee Vitamins in Colorado Springs. Meet Shaklee Distributor, Patty Bills

Hello, my name is Patty Bills and I am a Shaklee distributor based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  My husband and I moved to Colorado Springs in 1992 and, about a year later, we were introduced to Shaklee and their wonderful health and wellness products!  My kids were 3 and 7 when I started them on Shaklee’s multi-vitamin, and we just assumed that their happy & unemotional demeanor over the next 4 years was normal.

Then one summer, we failed to give them their vitamins for a few weeks and my husband noticed that our daughter, who was then about 11 years old, became very emotionally charged, lost all patience for her younger brother, and seemed generally disgruntled most of the time!  It was a side of her we had NEVER seen!

It occurred to us that the only change was that they had not had their vitamins for those weeks.  Shocked that this could be the reason, unbeknownst to them, we put it to the test.  Within about a week of being back on vitamins, our daughter was back to her patient, happy self.  My husband was so shocked at the difference, he insisted on testing it even further.  We again (purposely this time) didn’t give them their vitamins and within about a week, our daughter became emotionally charged once again!  It was like night and day!

It wasn’t until years later, after sharing my story with a few parents and seeing them get the same amazing results, that I became passionate about helping as many families as I could!  Thus was born, Helping Kids Find Their Happy Face.

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What I’ve discovered is no matter whether your child  is 2 years old, a pre-teen or a teen, emotional instability, anger, impatience and signs of general unhappiness do not need to be the “norm”!  My greatest wish is to reach as many families as I can and for those families to share with others!  So that one day, we’ve all helped MANY kids “find their happy face”!!

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