Vitamins and Supplements to Help Improve Your Child's Mood


Did you know: a basic supplementation program and a few easy dietary changes can help your child be happier. Based in Colorado Springs, “Helping Kids Find Their Happy Face” helps children be happy, with assistance from our Shaklee vitamins and supplements. If your child is:

  •        Grumpy for no reason at all
  •        Impatient
  •       Crying at the “drop of a dime”
  •        Moody
  •       Generally unhappy
  •       Dealing with explosive anger
  •        Unwilling to spend time with family

then they will likely benefit from a product(s) from the Shaklee line. 

We have products for toddlers, tweens and teens, in addition to adults.

Supplements to Help Children, and Grown ups, find their Happy Faces!

Vitamins to help improve your child's mood. A Colorado Springs-based vitamins and supplements distributor

Helping Kids Find Their Happy Face is very passionate about working with families, both in our home city of Colorado Springs and throughout the nation, who are struggling with emotional issues caused from stressful jobs, hormonal teenagers and the overly busy lives that most of us live!!  Instead, we want you to fill your homes with:

  • Patience
  • Happiness
  • Kindness
  • Harmony

With the increase of fights in our schools, along with a rise in runaways, depression, bullying, suicides and a sad disrespect amongst so many of our teens, Helping Kids Find Their Happy Face knows, in our hearts, that many of these situations can be prevented and we can all make a difference, one family at a time, with the help of the right vitamins and supplements. Please browse through our products page or contact Shaklee distributor, Patty Bills, directly at 719-237-2697 or send her an email at healthyandhappy.patty@gmail.com.

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