I use to Stutter…..but now I don’t!

I use to Stutter…..but now I don’t!

I was a stutterer….. but I now have it completely under control!!

It started when I was a young child and like most stutterers, I have no idea why or how it started. But the important thing is that I’ve figured out how to keep it under control! Before I begin my story, let me share some advise to those of you who have a child, relative or close friend who stutters. Don’t bother telling he or she to “slow down” or “think before you speak”, because I’m here to tell you ….. it has absolutely no bearing on how the words will flow.

When I was 33 years old I was introduced to a health and wellness company called Shaklee. After doing some research on the company, I decided to start on a few of their products. Among my first ones were: Vita Lea (their multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, which comes in Women’s, Men’s and Gold formula) for more energy; their Alfalfa Complex to help my constant sinus congestion and seasonal allergies; B-Complex for stress and their Osteomatrix (calcium product) simply because I understood its importance. Within about a year of starting on these supplements, I unexpectedly found myself no longer stuttering. It was gradual but it’s WONDERFUL to be able to speak clearly!!  I’ve researched it and found that the B-Complex and Calcium are the two products most often listed for other people who have been helped with stuttering and/or stammering!  For me, these results came quite by accident!

Now keep in mind….if I happen to have a very stressful day (which depletes your B vitamins) and I happen to miss my vitamins….I DO have a stuttering episode!  So needless to say, I don’t let that happen too often! 😉



These are the two which I feel make the most difference for me along with their multi-vitamin!


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